Our Mission

Baroque & Rose Mission Statement

Baroque & Rose are so much more than a Luxury Organic Skincare Brand. We are passionate every aspect of our company, our customer experience is our main priority, not only do we want our customers to be completely satisfied with their Baroque & Rose purchase, we aim to bring them a greater understanding of what ingredients are in their products, how they are sourced, manufactured and packaged.

Leading The Way to Bring About Change

Baroque & Rose are among the new wave of companies that take their corporate responsibility past the customer point of purchases, we will not be held responsible for taking any natural resources our planet cannot afford to give, we will not be responsible for our discarded packaging adding to the pollution of our land and oceans. We are always accountable to our customers, where we take on the responsibility to provide our customers with 100% safe to use products of the highest quality, we are responsible for gaining and maintaining the trust of our customers, we have the highest level of certification, we will continue to have all of our products scrutinised by the highest standards and authorities in the world.

Baroque & Rose also realise that we alone cannot bring about change, by presenting all customers with a choice of purchasing safe and environmentally friendly products of the highest quality, together we can invoke change, change for the better and change for our future.

Certified Organic Ingredients

All of our organic ingredients are sourced from sustainable organic farming, our organic ingredients are harvested by hand, particular attention is given to the quality of the ingredients to ensure they reached there prime, and are of the finest quality for inclusion in our products.


Our cold maceration processing method, means no heat is applied to any of our organic ingredients throughout the manufacturing process, this ensures our ingredients remain at their most potent from when they were first harvest to when being used by our customers. Our aim is to create products that use the very best ingredients nature has to offer, carrying research to bring innovation to the creation of new formulas that deliver natures finest ingredients to your body entwining them together to become one in total harmony. We aim and will endeavour to be at the forefront of bring new formulas to our customers that will set the blueprint for skincare way into the future.

Eco Friendly

Baroque & Rose are passionate about not only producing the purest and safest products for our customers, but, also becoming a global brand that leave no negative impact on our planet. All of our packaging is recyclable and or biodegradable, we will also embrace new technologies, such as the ability to use electric powered vehicles for the distribution of our products, plant based inks for printing, even our customer product displays will be created from recycled material.

Our Customer

The success of any business is measured by its customers that keep on returning to purchase products, our customer experience is of paramount importance to us, our approach to our customers is to provide them with the best experience possible, but not in anyway limited to an exchange of money for our products, we hope our customers will embark with us on our journey, a journey that involves establishing communication with them to ensure we provide our customers with what they need, opposed to what we think they want, we will share with them every step we make along our journey towards our desired destination. We wish our customer to have a greater understanding of the largest organ on our body, “the skin” how it works, what’s good for it and what should de avoided. We will keep our customers up to date with new innovative procedures and materials we will utilise to be among the pioneers of producing products that leave no negative impact on our planet.