Our Founder

Once the most highly sought-after celebrity makeup artist in Malta, Founder Miriam Ciantar, has devoted her career to beauty and skin health with an impressive almost four-decade career. As a young girl Miriam always had a passion for all things beautiful and began applying makeup on her grandmother, mother and cousins. During her teenage years her family relocated to Malta from the UK where she began working professionally as a makeup artist and discovered professional makeup artistry had not become conventional. It was only after doing makeup for a friend’s wedding that led her to booking wedding after wedding that her name and reputation became a household name. Miriam not only did bridal makeup, she also did media, film productions, and had a large following of celebrity and a high profile clientele. 




Always a visionary, Miriam saw the need for a professional makeup artistry education facility and opened the first and only Malta College of Makeup in 2011. Always keeping her pulse on all aspects of the beauty industry and growing trends in health and wellness, she saw the growing trend to be more conscious of what you ingest and the desire to detox your life of harmful toxins, both systemically and topically. Although it is a common trend for consumers to pursue more natural products, Miriam noticed the industry had lost the allure of luxury and elegance in packaging, presentation, and the overall ritual of enjoying and applying beauty products. The industry had turned into generic, basic ecofriendly packaging, not the type of beautiful prestige packaging that one would be proud to display on a dresser or feel a sense of being pampered while using.  She also noticed that there are so many products that are marketed only to women, leaving men with fewer choices. It was Miriam’s vision to bring experience and luxury combined with high quality and unique naturally derived ingredients that are eco-conscious. She wanted to develop a holistic brand that was good for the skin, body, and environment and knew that it would have to be more than just products; it would be a lifestyle. A unisex line that men and women can enjoy together or separately to look and feel good without sacrificing the earth and themselves, and thus Baroque and Rose was born.